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Eti Pop Kek Banana

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Eti Mini Pop Cake with Bananas 60g

11 reviews for Eti Pop Kek Banana

  1. Betty (verified owner)

    Satisfyingly sweet without being overwhelming. These treats are worth it

  2. Vicky (verified owner)

    “Impressed by these cakes and pastries – they disappeared quickly at the gathering

  3. Vivianne (verified owner)

  4. Irving (verified owner)

    “Delicious and indulgent – these treats are now a favorite.”

  5. Lolita (verified owner)

    “Average cakes and pastries – they didn’t wow me, but they’re not bad.”

  6. Jana (verified owner)

    Loved these cakes and pastries! A delightful treat for any occasion.”

  7. Hettie (verified owner)

    “Definitely a step above average. I’ll be coming back for more.”

  8. Katarina (verified owner)

    “Brought these to a potluck, and they were the first to go.”

  9. Mittie (verified owner)

    “Tasty and satisfying – these treats are now my favorites.”

  10. Derek (verified owner)

    “Enjoyed munching on these during tea time. A sweet escape.

  11. Nathen (verified owner)

    “Good cakes and pastries – they disappeared quickly at the party.”

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