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Pepsi-Sweet Osmanthus

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20 reviews for Pepsi-Sweet Osmanthus

  1. Jacques (verified owner)

    “Sipped on this during a movie night, and it added a touch of luxury to the evening.”

  2. Brendan (verified owner)

    “Impressed by the quality and packaging. Made my evening quite enjoyable.”

  3. Katharina (verified owner)

  4. Lavina (verified owner)

    “Had a pleasant surprise trying this drink. Refreshing and not too sweet.”

  5. Eldon (verified owner)

    “Served this at a dinner party, and my guests couldn’t stop raving about it.”

  6. Kailyn (verified owner)

    “Picked this up for a picnic and ended up wishing I had grabbed more. Lesson learned!”

  7. Ernest (verified owner)

    “Refreshing and light – perfect for a lazy Sunday by the pool.”

  8. Amira (verified owner)

    “Solid choice for a summer picnic. Light and refreshing, just what I needed.”

  9. Marcos (verified owner)

    “Took a chance on this, and it exceeded my expectations. Great addition to my pantry now.”

  10. Andy (verified owner)

    “Not usually a fan of drinks, but this one might have converted me. Seriously good stuff.”

  11. Kaycee (verified owner)

    “Brought a batch of these to a picnic, and they disappeared within minutes. Need I say more?”

  12. Zoie (verified owner)

    “Got this on sale, and it was worth the price. Not amazing, but not regrettable.”

  13. Ettie (verified owner)

    “Tried it at a family gathering – even the kids wanted a taste!”

  14. Vaughn (verified owner)

    “A delightful surprise. Would be a great addition to any outdoor hangout.”

  15. Timmothy (verified owner)

    “Refreshing without being overpowering. Ideal for those who prefer a lighter drink.”

  16. Theodore (verified owner)

    “It’s okay, not bad but not outstanding either. Might give it another shot sometime.”

  17. Danyka (verified owner)

    “Definitely a step above the usual. It’s become my mid-week treat.”

  18. Aniyah (verified owner)

    “Happy to have tried this – it’s made its way onto my favorites list.”

  19. Fay (verified owner)

    “Was skeptical at first, but it surprised me in the best way possible. Thumbs up!”

  20. Lilian (verified owner)

    “Almost perfect – would be a regular if it came in bigger bottles!”

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